Yoga Mom's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Yoga Mom's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is here.  Gift buying can be expensive, excessive and stressful, but I’ve decided to make it easier and fun for you.

Here are some presents that are simple to purchase and still send a positive message.

1. Hamsa Shirt. I am all about shopping local, especially this time of year.  Chicago artist (and friend) Monica Zanetti, took her colorful painting to clothes.  This soft Hamsa shirt always brightens up my day.

2. Raw Spice Bar.  A perfect gift for those that appreciates cooking and traveling.  Whole, high quality and unique spices delivered to your door.

3. Yogi Surprise. A yoga-inspired monthly subscription box designed to complement your way of being. It is a fun treat to receive a variety of good-for-you gifts each month.


4. Diffuser & Oils. My kids and I both love this GuruNanda Diffuser.  Simply pour water into diffuser, add a few drops of oil and the room instantly fills with a nice and subtle aromatherapy scent. I use lavender to calm us down after a hectic day.

5. Gratitude Journal. This Gratitude Dream Journal is the perfect introduction for kids to understand how much they have, feel positive about the future and record their dreams. Together, my daughter and I enjoy reading the inspiring quotes and filling the blank spaces with drawings and words.

6. Manners Cards. No better gift for little ones than that of courtesy, kindness, and consideration. This fun mealtime game will encourage your kids to compete for thumbs-up cards and avoid thumbs-down cards in an effort to win a coveted dine-out card.  Win win in my mind.

PicMonkey Collage

7. CardNinja. Perfect to bring to yoga class and eliminate bulky wallets and purses.  The CardNinja holds everything you need in a compact wallet that sticks to your iPhone.

8. Yoga Mat. All yogis can always use a new yoga mat.  Manduka’s Eko Lite is eco-friendly and very light weight.  It has great cushion and is nice and sticky to prevent slipping during downward dog and arm balances.

You may also want to check out our gift guides from 2013 and 2014.  If all else fails, spending quality time with your loved ones is as thoughtful as any store bought gift.

Happy Holidays.  Wishing you a season of peace, joy and love. 

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