When will the 356 shooting take place?

When will the 356 shooting take place?

The United States has experienced 355 mass shooting this year. It is no longer if, but when.  It is certain another shooting will happen.   It could be today, tomorrow or in two weeks.

It might be at my kid’s school, in one of the hospitals my husband works at or even in the movie theater we go for date night.  Truthfully, these are all real possibilities, unless we make a change now.

Gun control is clearly a major problem; there have been more shootings than days this year.  My sweet and innocent second grader explained to me what a lockdown drill is.

I don’t want to be worried about answering the phone or turning on the television anymore. Read this furious, heartbroken response to San Bernardino that everyone needs to read. 

As yogis we practice compassion, kindness and gratitude. All we can do is share our learnings off the mat in hopes others will copy and pass on. Our hearts need to be open, our voices can be loud and hopefully guns will no longer be easily accessed.

I wish I had a better answer.  Instead I am left with sadness, worry and fear to simply leave my home.

Victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. Photo from heavy.com.

Victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. Photo from heavy.com.

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