How to stand taller

How to stand taller

Have you ever caught your reflection in a window and surprised by what you see?  Recently I noticed myself in a full on slouch; round back, hunched shoulder and head hanging.  I consciously fixed my posture and was shocked at the difference both physically and mentally.

Here are a few tips to stand taller.

1. Ground down evenly through both feet.

2. Pull your belly button in towards your spine.

3. Lift your heart.

4. Lift up through the crown of the head.

5. Feel your shoulder blades come together and down your back.

6. Lean back in space.

7. Smile.

That is all it takes. Literally you will notice that you are now looking up instead of down, a much better and brighter view. Remember this tip when walking in a room or taking holiday photos to appear (and hopefully feel) taller, leaner and more confident.

Are you conscience of your posture?

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Giraffe drawing found at unicornandlionheart.tumblr.

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