What are Shopkins?

What are Shopkins?

My daughter’s newest obsession is Shopkins, the little plastic objects with faces and creative names. I think I am on board with this fad as I would take it any day over American Girl and both of my children creatively play for long chunks of time with these little figures.


I asked local Mom, Katherine McHenry, owner of Building Blocks Toy Store (where we buy all our toys and gifts) to answer some questions about the hot selling items.

What are Shopkins, for those that don’t know?

Shopkins are cute figures that are mini grocery/department store goods.

My daughter is 7. What ages tend to be the most interested in Shopkins?

Generally ages 4-10. Seven is the sweet spot, although I’m into playing with them with my 3-year-old daughter. We even watch the unboxing videos together.

Which is your favorite Shopkin?

I’m still hoping to get my hands on ultra rare Season 2 Peta Plunger. Yes, you read it right, I want a miniature plunger.


That is funny.  I love Noni-Notebook and Aspara-Gus. Do you have any Shopkins events coming up?

This Sunday, Building Blocks Toy Store is partnering with the makers of Shopkins, Moose Toys, at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair at Navy Pier, for the biggest trading party ever from 2-4pm. There will be two Shopkins Mascots as well. This is going to be fun and CUTE!!

What can we expect from Shopkins in the future?

Why, Season 4 of course, it will be out in January. 

Thank you, Katherine.  We love Building Block Toys and all your Shopkins knowledge.

Are your kids into Shopkins?  Do you have a favorite?  

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