It is impossible to be bad at yoga

It is impossible to be bad at yoga

I had my 20-year high school reunion this weekend.  After the usual “How are you?”  and “Where do you live?” Yoga often came up. (Thanks to Facebook).

Not only this weekend, but often when I meet others that are interested but intimidated by yoga, I hear the same answer.

“I am not good at yoga.”

It is impossible to be bad at yoga.

Yoga is a personal practice and showing up and breathing is enough. The majority of yogis are not looking around the room and judging you.  Most likely they don’t even notice you.

When I practice I am focused on my body and breath and have little time to even notice who else is the room.

When I teach I am looking at form, alignment and safety for you.  I am not checking out how advanced your practice is or how flexible you may or not be.  I am simply happy that you are there and listening to your body.

Yoga is not about judgment or being good or bad – it is about slowing down and connecting your body and mind through breath.

I realize it can be intimidating to try something new and understand that nerves are normal for the unknown.  Like anything in life, the first time is usually the hardest.  But, I do hope you give yoga a try despite how flexible you may be.  I promise yoga will make you more flexible and you will notice changes in your body, mind and life.

Are you nervous or intimidated to try yoga? 

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