Asana of the Day: Savasana or Corpse Pose

Asana of the Day: Savasana or Corpse Pose
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Savasana may look like the easiest asana of a yoga class, but is surprisingly very challenging and one I struggled with for many years.

The last pose of most practices is more than simply lying on the back. For many it is harder to be completely still than in motion.  It takes awareness to get the body completely aligned and is important to release symmetrically while broadening behind shoulder bladders and ribs. Relaxing the body is usually somewhat doable for me after a vigorous class.

The hard part is softening the face, jaw, eye sockets and most importantly, the mind. The longer corpse pose is held, the better you will feel when coming out of it, although 3-5 minutes is recommended. Benefits include calming the brain, relieving depression, reducing blood pressure and sleep problems.

The goal of the savasana is for the body and mind to be perfectly still and relaxed. Not only should the body be motionless, but also completely at ease.

I can remember when I started doing prenatal yoga ten years ago in my health club’s carpeted room.  I looked forward to the weekly classes, but would open my eyes and look around the room during savasana.  I honestly would will for my teacher to begin talking again so I could release the challenging pose.


Over the years, I have learned to surrender and let go. There are days that I run through my to-do lists or plan what I will eat for lunch during my final relaxation, but I also am able to be completely vulnerable and reap the benefits throughout the day.

Do you enjoy Savasana?  Is it hard or easy for you to let go? 

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