Real homes aren't Pinterest perfect

One of the many parts of teaching private yoga lessons is the honor of being invited inside ones home in its real state.  Moving toys and laundry to the side to create a quiet space for a yoga mat is easy.  Life is messy, unorganized and chaotic and our homes reflect that.

I get discouraged by the beautiful and perfectly kept rooms I see throughout the Internet and aspire for flawlessness.  My latest project of discarding anything that does not spark joy is an attempt to create a Pinterest perfect home.

Here are a few real homes that are not styled or lit, but are real and happy.

Elizabeth sums it up perfectly, “Sorry about the mess, we live here.”


Julie honestly tells me, “We’re expecting dinner guests in five minutes.”


“With two young children, that kind of pressure is simply unrealistic. ” The brilliant writer behind MBA Mom tells me.


“I spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning up toothpaste,” claims Poppy.


Can you relate?  Do you feel pressure to have a clean home always?  

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