Adult Coloring Books: A Meditative and Therapeutic Way to Unwind

Adult Coloring Books: A Meditative and Therapeutic Way to Unwind

Adult coloring books are suddenly showing up everywhere I turn.  Although the concept is nothing new, I must admit I am hopping aboard this new trend and loving the peaceful and creative way to spend time.

This mindless activity is therapeutic and an excellent distraction to wind down and escape from work, stress and our devices.


My daughter and I love to quietly draw together as a way to be be next to one other, although often not saying a word.  Sometimes we will pass the book back and forth, completing a page as a silent collaboration.

Regardless if we are doodling or coloring in between lines, a sense of accomplishment is always felt when a page is completed.


Here are a few cool coloring books if you are looking for one: Art Nouveau, Nature Mandalas, Secret Garden or Color Me Calm.  You can also find free printable coloring pages here and here.

Have you tried the adult coloring book craze?  Or have you been quietly coloring for years?

If you are feeling crafty, you may also enjoy these projects: Turn an old chair into a new chair, 10 fun ways to reuse shoe boxes and your kids will never be bored again.

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