What I am Reading: A Spool of Blue Thread

What I am Reading: A Spool of Blue Thread

At our latest library visit, I spied A Spool of Blue Thread by Ann Tyler on the Just Returned rack.  I had no idea what the story was about, but something about the image and title, made we want to check out and read more.

The book follows a love story of Abby and Red Whitshank beginning in 1959 Baltimore.  The ordinary three generations of family experience complex interactions between intricate and real characters that muddle through life with both challenges and triumphs.

Tyler describes the Whitshanks: “There was nothing remarkable about the Whitshanks. None of them was famous. None of them could claim exceptional intelligence. And in looks, there were no more than average…But like most families, they imagined they were special.”


I enjoy reading stories about families, one that could be yours or mine.  Tyler’s writing is descriptive, relatable and A Spool of Blue Thread takes you deep into the multifaceted lives of others.

Have you read A Spool of Blue Thread?  What other books have you been reading?  I love to hear your recommendations.  

A few other book suggestions if you are in a reading mood: Crazy, Sexy, DietEleanor & Park and Me Before You.

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