The Best Yoga Pants for Real Bodies

The Best Yoga Pants for Real Bodies

I spend most days in yoga studios and wear yoga pants six days a week. I see many different styles, lengths colors and brands of leggings and have tried out many of them.  Through trial and error, I’ve found the pair that work best for me, but since no two bodies are the same, I asked some of my yogi friends to share their favorites as well.

Interestingly, the majority of these ladies were coincidently wearing their pants when I asked them what yoga leggings are their favorite.  It surprised me that most everyone is consistent in sticking with black bottoms when working out.

Liquido's mission is to provide all day active wear to easily transition from yoga to work to play.

I used to only wear black, but have branched out with my current colorful favorite from Liquido. They are beautiful, soft and so comfortable. I feel like I am a walking piece of art and I love how the company advocates for socially conscious fashion through its sweatshop-free production processes.


My yoga student, Candice, loves Lucy pants. She claims she has had them for years and years and has washed the pants a billion times and they still are her favorite.


My beautiful friend, Tiffany, who is also a kick-ass spin instructor, loves her Zella’s. Not only are they reversible, but they also hold you in and keep you feeling dry despite sweating a lot.


Yogi and writer, Lexie, swears by Tara Stiles Reebok collection.  “They are THE most comfortable workout/yoga/lounge-around-the-house-do-everything pants,” she claims.


 Nina equally prefers Lululemon and Splits 59 pants switching off between the two.

I am interested to hear what are your favorite yoga pants. Do you also prefer sticking with black or have you been playing with adding some color to your legs? 

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