Surviving a rainy day with no electronics

Surviving a rainy day with no electronics

A few times a year, my family needs an electronic cleanse.  My 9-year-old and I had an interesting conversation about how one can become addicted to the iPad and we discussed how we both could relate to the urge to check my phone, computer, iPad or even watch TV.

We escaped to a lovely and compact Michigan home over the weekend without a TV or a WiFi connection.  To challenge us even greater, it rained all day Saturday.

I will be honest and say it wasn’t easy, especially because my kids wake up ridiculously early.

We completed a world puzzle. Twice.  (Side note: I thought an 100 piece puzzle would be a challenge, but definitely need to up it to 200 or 500 pieces next time.)


We played Boggle.


And a lot of Backgammon. (Even continuing a somewhat competitive tournament after the kids were asleep.)


We colored and read and when we got stir crazy, did a little vintage shopping.


Visited a bike museum and a distillery.


Luckily the sun came out the next day.



It was a much needed reset. We are refreshed and ready for our last week of summer and a new year of school.  It would be unrealistic to believe that electronics will slowly not creep back into our lives, but I do hope we can continue to play games and connect without electronic distractions.

Are you struggling with iPads over the summer? Do you unplug every once in awhile? 

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