The Best Yoga Playlist

The Best Yoga Playlist

Music is very important to me, especially during yoga.  I know some practice in the silence, but I receive energy, rhythm and inspiration from my tunes.  No bigger compliment can come after class then when I’m told,

“Great playlist.”

Like a dance, I roughly choreograph my classes and the tempo of the practice with the music played.  In addition, I think about the lyrics and the messages these songwriters are sharing.

As is to be expected, my music choices, yoga and playlists have evolved over the years.  I’ve noticed less new age and a lot more pop and rock in my playlists.  I know it is not traditional, but currently I am finding energy from inspirational and toe-tapping tunes.

This list I call Summer Lovin’ because the warm weather, less scheduled life and my students inspire me to work harder and have more fun.  It is motivating to see students that commit to yoga despite hectic lives and to watching them grow is a reward in itself.  I hope you like this playlist as much as I do.


Do you listen to music during yoga?  What songs are especially meaningful during your practice?  I would love to add your suggestions to my future playlists. 

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