A Pinky Swear messed up my Monday in the best way

A Pinky Swear messed up my Monday in the best way

Do you look forward to Mondays?  I oddly do.  Monday is my day to be alone in my home, to get caught up on work and life while getting laundry under control.  After a fun, hot and busy weekend, I was even more in need of a quiet day to recharge.

Sadly, my girl didn’t have that in mind.

For some reason she refused to go to camp in the morning.  She is happy, and usually hanging upside down, every afternoon at pick up. I asked the staff if they could help me, as I needed to be teaching yoga in less than an hour. They seemed tired and lackluster and I became a little desperate.

I explained to my daughter that I needed to teach yoga and kids are not allowed there.

She asked, “Will you pick me up as soon as yoga is over? ”

“Yes!” I immediately answered backing to my car. Relieved to be able to get away peacefully.

Until she stepped in front of me with her pinky held up, “Pinky Swear.”

I hesitated, thinking of the disaster of dishes and wet bathing suits and towels to be cleaned, “Pinky Swear.”

We hooked eyes smiled and she skipped off to the playground already planning her next monkey bar stunt.

* * *

I was a little discombobulated as I changed into my yoga clothes, uploaded the playlist and grabbed props as I walked to the studio.  Yet, as always I breathed and moved and got lost in my practice and forgot about that pinky swear.

Next, I headed to my desk and I couldn’t shake the heaviness of guilt.  I was torn, as I knew she was now having fun, chatting with other campers and counselors and glad to be there. Was she thinking about the pinky swear?

After some pondering, I decided my word is my word.  Most of my teaching and guidance as a mother is to lead by example.  I would be upset if she went against her pinky swear, and I had to man up and go pick her up.

* * *


Her reaction when she saw me proved she would have been fine at camp, but she was pleasantly surprised to see me.  We talked for a minute and I told her she had to go to camp every single day this week, without complaining, but I could not go back on a promise. Then I told her we were going to the pool, and her face was enough to confirm my decision.


The pool was perfect.  Refreshing, carefree and easy.  My girl went off the diving board over 50 times and went down every slide repeatedly.  It is refreshing to see, as I pointed out to her, two summers ago she was terrified to go down the baby slide.


Spending this one on one time with her I saw many examples of how she has grown.  I admired how she patiently waited in line, followed all the rules, interacted with older kids and let a boy who wanted to go with his friend in front of her, more than once.  When she is with her brother, I don’t always see these qualities and am learning the importance of individual time with each kid.

Then she asked me to jump off the diving board with her. My instinct was no. But, I reminded myself that I encourage her to try new things and not say no.  So, why not?

Not only did I jump once.  After I did it, my daughter said, "We better take a picture, so we can show Daddy you really did it."

Not only did I jump once. After I did it, my daughter said, “We better take a picture, so we can show Daddy you really did it.”

It was so much fun! I have no regrets and am grateful for a wonderful and spontaneous Monday.

Hope you are enjoying impromptu fun this summer.  Share some of your special one on one moments with your children.  I love to hear from you.  

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