Friday Favorites: Ten Things

Friday Favorites: Ten Things
My backyard and garden on Monday.

This week included a flooded basement, end of the school year parties and packing for our annual summer vacation. I’m looking forward to the change of routine and hopefully some calm family time.  First I wanted to share ten things with you.

1. Bravo, Jon Stewart. There are no jokes to be made about the recent shootings in Charleston.

2. Did you see this Huff Post article about yoga (and this one from CNN)?

3. Beautiful words for someone grieving the loss of a loved one.

4. Trying to decide between this and this bathing suit for the summer.

5. I was told about this incredible school in Chicago that empowers children to find and nurture their passions and develop a vision of who they want to be in the world. (Too bad it is so expensive).

6. The next generation of washcloths for kids.

7.  I really, really, really want to create our own Little Free Library. 

8. Fascinating NPR Piece: Why indigenous cultures may not have back pain.

9. The arm balance I am slowly working on during my yoga practices.

10. Brilliant photography project to stop kid and tween bullying.

Image from Enchanted Photography Michigan.

Image from Enchanted Photography Michigan.

Please share your favorite links, sites or pages in the comments below.  I’m always looking for more good stuff to read.  

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