Do you fight with your spouse?

Do you fight with your spouse?
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I’ve noticed interesting and honest conversations happening lately about fighting in marriages. I am fascinated by the fact that some couples never argue and it appears it could be connected to memories of our parents fighting when we were young.

My parents would bicker, but I never remember feeling scared that they wouldn’t stay together (they are happily married more than 40 years). I believe my husband and I are the same.  We often squabble, but our relationship is not in jeopardy because of it.  I am not proud of it; yet see it as a somewhat unhealthy way of communication.

One divorced yoga student mentioned that her ex and her never fought and ultimately that lack of interaction could be the reason for their split.

A neighbor confided in me that her and her husband consciously never argue in front of their children.

An old friend claimed she never once heard her parents fight.  That seems unrealistic to me.  I wonder if they waited until she was asleep, or can a relationship be so perfect there is no need for conflict?

I’m wondering how your relationship works?  Do you see similarities in your parents’ marriage and your own?  I love when others open up about the intensity and challenges of a partnership.  

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