Be Safe in the Water

Be Safe in the Water

I’m writing from the hot beach in South Carolina and am very thankful for our swim lessons as it has tremendously improved my ability to enjoy the ocean now that my kids finally know how to swim.

But, I still worry, especially in the ocean.

I think it is important this time of year to review some tips in terms of beach and open water swimming safety.  Sally Anderson, the owner of the Goldfish Swim School Evanston shared some good advice with me.


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1. Never swim alone.  While swimming in a pool by yourself is dangerous, open water is even more due to tides and currents and being unable to see the bottom and how deep the water is.  If no one knows you are swimming, if you get in trouble there is no one to help you!

2. Not swimming at the beach unless there is a lifeguard on duty.  The lifeguards know their beach the best, where currents are and where the water is deeper.  Swimming in open water without a lifeguard on duty is not worth taking the risk!  (Here is South Carolina we don’t have lifeguards and it stresses me out a little.)

3. Wearing a lifejacket if you are not a strong swimmer.  Even a few feet of water at the shore line can be dangerous and tides can be strong, and this will give you a little freedom in worrying about your little one.

4. Learn to float on your back in the water.  Every person has the ability to float comfortably on their back.  Knowing how to float and how to get yourself to a back float can save your life. If you are in trouble in the water and you can get to your back you can breathe and rest until help arrives.

5)  Act or throw – don’t go!  If you see someone else in trouble in open water the best thing to do is get a lifeguard or try to throw a floating rescue aid to them.  If you try to go into the open water to help someone you are more likely to also end up in trouble instead of helping due to currents or varying depths.


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My kids have learned many of these tips and skills from Goldfish Swim School and I couldn’t be more indebted to them for keeping my kids comfortable and safe on our family vacation.

I can’t recommend Goldfish Swim School enough (They now have Chicago locations in Roscoe Village, Evanston, Burr Ridge, St. Charles, Naperville, Mundelein and Plainfield opening soon). We have been having so much fun in the water this week and it is always a treat to have one less thing to worry about!

Do you worry about your kid’s safety while at the beach?  Do you have any tips or advice to share? 

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