Asana of the Day: Utkatasana or Chair Pose

Asana of the Day: Utkatasana or Chair Pose

Utkatasana or Chair pose in one that works the entire body.  It embodies balance, strength, focus and engages the entire body.

According to Leslie Kaminoff’s Yoga Anatomy, Utkatasana tones the leg muscles, strengthens hip flexors, ankles, calves, and back, stretches chest and shoulders, reduces symptoms of flat feet and stimulates the heart, diaphragm, and abdominal organs.

To get into the pose follow these steps:

1. Begin either in Tadasana (standing) or Uttanasana (forward fold).

2. Either with feet parallel or toes together sit back.

3. Lift your heart, crown of your head and arms.

4. Plug your shoulder blades into your back and drop your tail bone down.

5. Hold for 3 to 5 breaths.

6. Press down through the feet to stand up back to Tadasana.


This powerful and fierce asana  is represented of the royal throne as historically in India, chairs were uncommon and most people sat on the floor or the ground.

Yoga International explained. “Royal people, kings and queens, sat on elevated thrones which raised them above the common level and made them more easily visible for darshan—that act of seeing and being seen which unites a king or deity with the people.”

Do you enjoy Chair Pose?   Share with me how this pose makes you feel.  Do you have any requests for Asana of the Day?  Let me know below.

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