You want to start a blog? Read this first

You want to start a blog?  Read this first

I often get asked about starting a blog and love to help others as I know I appreciate any advice I receive. I share in hopes of creating a community, instead of a competitive environment.  There is room for all of us on the Internet.  By no means am I an expert and, just like yoga, I am learning and growing every day.

Photojournalist and mom Susan Ryan Kalina, recently asked me some of these questions about starting a blog and I thought my answers might be helpful to you as well.

“It is a slow but steady process. I share my articles many times and am not shy about asking people to Like my page. Make sure all your communication has every social media channel on the bottom.”

“I share all my articles on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. It is time consuming, but I believe consistency is important. I don’t change much based on channel, although Twitter needs to be condensed to 140 words. Also, hashtags are important to get more views, especially those interested in the topic.”

“For Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom I try to publish every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I sometimes do Meatless Mondays and Friday Favorites, but otherwise write what is in my head.

For Modern Day MS I try to publish five days a week, if possible. I have articles I plan to publish, but if there is a timely topic, I bump it ahead of the more general article.”

YOGA! When I am not in yoga (and even sometimes when I am) I am always thinking or writing articles in my head. I guess it is how my mind works. I write myself notes on my phone so I don’t forget.”

“I follow pages and blogs that I am interested in and actively comment and create (online) relationships with others that are similar to me and my vision.”

“Consistency. Don’t expect instant gratification. It takes time to build a following. Even if five people are reading your article – keep writing – we all have to start somewhere.”

“I hate when I reread something that has a silly error that I missed.  In some minds, spelling errors immediately discredits someone.

“Be yourself, follow your heart and don’t be afraid to ask questions!”

Find inspiration from the beauty in our everyday life.

Find inspiration from the beauty in our everyday life.

Is this helpful to you?  Do you have any questions or tips to offer bloggers interested in starting a blog? 

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