When your child is smarter than you are

When your child is smarter than you are

There have been many qualities to describe me in life: sensitive, strong, positive and thoughtful but smart has never been one of them.  I am not saying that I am dumb, I graduated college with a degree and know that I have accomplishments.  I’ve never been a data person (I was never good at Trivia Pursuit) and now that I have MS and developed brain fog and memory problems that area is even lesser of a strong point.

Imagine my shock that my son is that smartest person I know.  Seriously, I learn (and sometimes forget) new information from him at least once a day.  The kid always has a book in his hand and no place better to learn from books.  He is also the kid that when given online time will research the civil war or every single president.


Hopefully, this doesn’t seem like bragging in a my child is smarter than your child kind of way.  By describing this child (who has plenty of faults) as smart is the same as saying your child has red hair or is a fast runner.  Kids get qualities from their parents (his dad is very smart) and others just appear that you look at and wonder how this human encyclopedia could have come out of your body.

I am thankful for Google, luckily when I get asked gifted third grade homework questions, I am able to usually get a reliable answer from my phone.  I will admit there are days when I am embarrassed my lack of knowledge and wish we could have a smart person conversation.

My only hope is he will grow up to also be sensitive, strong, positive and thoughtful.


Anyone else notice their child excelling in areas you don’t? 

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