Make Your Own Sun Catchers

Make Your Own Sun Catchers

My whole family gathered on Mother’s Day at my sister’s condo to eat lox and bagels and do puzzles.  Who knew my mom would come bringing a craft?

We colored clear plastic disposable plates with sharpies and preheated the oven to 250 degrees.  Next we put the plate over a large empty soup can into the oven and watched it change shape (reminded us of old school Shrinky Dinks). The plates melted into abstract figures, or as my daughter screamed “a taco.”


The kids loved the project and jumped up and down in anticipation, but the adults got into the fun too.  I even poked holes and hung some from our porch.


Now we need the sun to come out!

Does your family craft together?  Do you have any fun spring projects to share? 

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