I Am Addicted to Virtual Garage Sales

I Am Addicted to Virtual Garage Sales

Did you know there are private neighborhood virtual garage sale groups on Facebook?  I joined, but did nothing for many months until this spring when I got that urge to clean, organize and get rid of all things immediately.

I have sold a few boots, shoes, kids clothes and even given away a vase, books, and jars through a free site. It is rewarding to declutter, pass things on and allow someone to enjoy something you weren’t.

Recycling is better for the planet and the landfills and I am always looking for ways to help our planet.

The only problem is I’ve begun to buy more than I sell.  I cannot help myself; how can I pass up an orange pleather chair for $20?


Wait until you see the HANDMADE bench that was mine after the exchange of a $20 dollar bill.


Look at this beautiful Om stool I bought from a massage therapist!


After we picked up the stool, my husband told me that it was enough.  I agreed, after all the plan was to get rid of stuff, not obtain more things.

But, I really want that sandwich maker for only five dollars.

Do you enjoy second hand finds?  Have you ever tried a virtual garage sale? 

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