Do you follow Free Range Parenting?

Do you follow Free Range Parenting?

Have you heard of Free Range Parenting?

Free Range Parenting is described on WebMD as a hands off approach to parenting and Free Range Kids is a site the explains how to raise safe-reliant children (without going nuts with worry).

The concept is one that I can get behind.  I’ve always been uncomfortable with the idea of helicopter parenting and experienced a lot of space, freedom and trust from my parents when I was younger.

I asked my Mom about this.  She confirmed that I walked to and from school on my own from the time I was in first grade and I played outside unattended with the kids on the block.

“I didn’t need to have you in eye view every moment. It’s all about balancing independence with safety.” Mom explained.

With that said, I know this is a different time than the one I grew up in.  Yet, I don’t think fear is appropriate to instill in our kids or ourselves.

I find it interesting that my kids often beg to cross the street by themselves or go into a class or store without me.  I sense their pride, and although I am (secretly) watching them I know it is a good first step.

My plan for this summer is to experiment with allowing my children more freedom without comprising their safety or my sanity.


Do you try to follow Free Range Parenting?  How much independence do you give your elementary age children?

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