My second week of acupuncture: can it cure my short temper?

My second week of acupuncture: can it cure my short temper?

Yesterday morning, more relaxed I headed to my second acupuncture appointment.  As soon as I entered, I was lead back to the same room as last week.

Again I took off my shoes and socks and laid on the table.  Dr. Z checked my pulse and shape of tongue and explained I was very dehydrated and dry and among other things was causing my skin to break out.  He suggested I stay away from spicy foods including ginger, garlic and wasabi and focus on fruits, vegetables, fish and green tea.

Dr. Z explained that last week he focused more on the yin and this week the yang.  He placed the needles in different areas focusing on feet, ankles, arms, belly and head.  I still flinched when he inserted the thin needles, even though in most places I could barely feel them.

He left the room, turned off the lights and turned on spa-like music.  Though comfortable, I was still wide awake (Master Herbalist Monica had said most people fall asleep). My mind drifted through my to-do list; is it strange to say I was somewhat productive as I planned out articles for the week and emails to send?

Towards the end I was ready to leave. There were a few spots, like the creases of my elbows, where the needles hurt a little when I tensed up.

After almost 45 minutes, Dr. Z returned and removed the needles.  When I was leaving, he asked if I was interested in herbs and clarified that my blood was dry and these two herbs would be helpful for me.


When I asked dosage, the doctor showed me how it read on the bottle 8 pills three times a day after each meal.  That seems like a lot (besides the other medicines and supplements I take) and I am still undecided if I will try them.

Later in the day when I am usually very fatigued, instead was energetic and even better, more calm.  When I am low energy I find myself often short tempered and snapping at the kids or my husband. This newfound energy led to an impromptu dinner out with the kids. Maybe all the stars were aligned or the kids felt my good energy, but they were better behaved and we enjoyed a nice meal and conservation.

I’m slowly beginning to experience the benefits of acupuncture after two weeks.   I appreciate Dr. Z listening to me and working to make me healthier am looking forward to going back next week.

Have you ever tried acupuncture?  Are you interested in it?  

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