Friday Favorites: The Softest Yoga Pants, NightFood and Sweet Potato Pancakes

Friday Favorites: The Softest Yoga Pants, NightFood and Sweet Potato Pancakes
JUST LIVE Leggings are so soft and colorful.

Happy (Good) Friday!  We are celebrating Passover tonight with my family and driving to Indiana tomorrow for another Seder.  Before I left, I wanted to share some of my favorite products with you.

There are so many brands of yoga clothes, that I have a hard time keeping up. Are there any that you are liking these days?  These are two of my favorites.

Just Live developed YOLON™, their own proprietary fabric blend, named after the “You Only Live Once.” It is 4-way stretch and moisture wicking while maintaining superior compression and also being odor resistant, antimicrobial, UV protective, virtually fadeproof, yet STILL somehow stay amazingly silky soft, like a second skin. You will be surprised how soft they are.

Just Live just launched their Kickstarter campaign to take their product across the NATION and develop the first PREMIUM leggings at an affordable cost for everyone!

Be Up is leisure apparel designed especially for the fashion minded fitness enthusiast. The brand has items designed for the yoga, pilates and the cardio junkie who loves to stay fit and both look and feel good while doing so.  These are clothes you can wear from the studio, to school pick up and even out for dinner.

I love the unique tops that provide full coverage from Be Up.

I love the unique tops that provide full coverage from Be Up.

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Do you have a problem eating at night?  I DO!

Research shows that we tend to make our least healthy food choices as we get closer to bedtime.  Approximately 70% of us snack at night on a regular basis, and the most popular choices are cookies, chips, ice cream, and candy.  No wonder this snacking causes weight gain, impaired sleep, and GUILT! I found a solution.


NightFood provides us a better option.  Each NightFood bar is specially formulated to satisfy nighttime cravings in a better way, on fewer calories, to support better sleep.  I’ve also found they are a sweet, but filling after school snack for the kids.

BEST PART: You can get a FREE box of Nightfood by clicking here. 

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121614 Zema Render JC.770 (1)

It is easier than ever for people with food allergies, specialty diets or those living a healthy eating lifestyle to enjoy the delicious products from Chicago-based Zemas Madhouse Foods.  My family’s favorite are the Zemas Peruvian Sweet Potato Pancake Mix (It recently was mentioned as one of Prevention magazine’s Cleanest Packaged Breakfast Foods.)

Not only are they easy to make and taste great, but they are Top 8 Allergen-Free, Non-GMO Project Verified, and certified Vegan, Kosher and GFCO. All of Zemas products are made without refined sugar, additives and preservatives.  Zemas mixes are made with ancient whole grains (teff, millet, sorghum and quinoa) and a superseed trio (chia, hemp and flax) that contribute to built in Omega 3’s, fiber and protein.  Order your sweet potato pancakes and check out Zema’s other products here.

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That is what I am loving lately.  Have you found any great products that I should share with Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom readers?  Please share them below.

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