Five ways to workout while your kids play at the park

Five ways to workout while your kids play at the park

Now that the weather has warmed, my kids and I visit a park almost daily.  Just as we adults need exercise, I notice a big difference in behavior when my kids get fresh air, run around, climb and explore.

Instead of sitting at a bunch staring at our phone, we can workout and include our children, or at least set a good example of healthy living.

Here are five ways to get a workout in while your kids are playing.


1. Squats.  No equipment needed.  You might as well work your butt and thighs while watching the kids on the slide.  Don’t worry if you feel like someone is looking at you – they are probably jealous of your toned glutes.

2. Monkey bars.  Try a few pull ups – the best arm exercise ever.  Or hang and bring your legs up towards your face for ab work.  Or you can hang upside down.


3.  Swings.  Pump your legs and be surprised how free, fun and strong you feel.  Bonus: Pushing your kids is awesome for the arms.

4. Bench. Use a bench to do tricep dips.  Put your hands flat on the bench with butt off.  Bend your arms and with knees bent or legs straight lower your bottom down and up.  Repeat.

5. Walk.  If all else fails keep moving.  Walk circles around the perimeter of the playground or encourage your kids to join you in running, skipping or jumping contest.

Besides the fact that these exercises will get your heart beating, it is a great way to warm up and give yourself a natural burst of energy.


How do you keep in shape while your kids are around? 

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