Please do not sell ice cream in front of my kids' schools

Please do not sell ice cream in front of my kids' schools

Even before the snow has completely melted, the ice cream vendors have parked their carts directly outside my children’s schools, exactly at 3:00 p.m.

My daughter’s first words after a long day in first grade is, “ICE CREAM,”  as the vendor rings his bell in unison with my daughters screams.

“No.”  I say again for the 10th day in a row.

“PLEASE!” she screams, not even pausing to stop jumping up and down.

Ugh.  Why does this even need to be a discussion?  My children get plenty of ice cream on special occasions and warm summer days, but I do not think ice cream is necessary after school every single day.

I don’t just see them at the schools.  More appropriately, vendors are at the parks, beach and pretty much any city sidewalk where they can park their carts.  I know they are simply doing their jobs and trying to make money, but I know my children can greatly benefit from protein and fruits after school, instead of sugar right before I take them home for homework.

Do they have to park directly outside the exit where I barely have a chance to avoid them?  I can choose not to go to the park, or use a different entrance/exit, but I don’t have this option at school.


It definitely doesn’t make it any easier when I hear, “Everyone else is allowed ice cream after school.”

Maybe I am a mean mom after all.

Does it bother you to see ice cream vendors all over the city or do you enjoy seeing them?  

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