Getting Rid of our iPad was the Best Decision Ever

Getting Rid of our iPad was the Best Decision Ever
When electronics are absent, creativity happens.

A little over a week ago, we had a meeting with my daughter’s teacher about some issues.  Among other topics we discussed, one area where I am concerned about is always telling the truth.  Families need to be honest with one another.

My husband thought our girl’s lies and attitude came, in part, from Disney Channel shows she was watching on Netflix on the iPad.  Am I wrong to think Disney is appropriate for kids? In the past few weeks months she had become quite attached to that iPad.  Slowly the device began to show up at breakfast, after school and again before bed.

It seemed both kids were either fighting over it, playing on it, watching something, looking for it or asking for it. The iPad had become a problem.

That Friday after the talk with the teacher and my conversation with my husband, I took our iPad and hid it in a bottom basket in our office that is rarely opened.  (I’ve decided to write that, so when I have no idea where I hid it I will remember to come here.)

We had a family discussion that all shows had to be approved by a grown up and there is no longer an iPad available.

Then something interesting happened.


Within three days, my kids were going to bed reading and waking up to a quiet breakfast.

This was the easiest transition and my home is so much more peaceful. We are not all in separate rooms on separate devices.  Instead we sit together on the couch and watch one show as a family. (Right now we are all into Survivor.)

Legos, drawing, talking, sitting in silence and creativity have become the outcome of this impulsive decision. As a result, I realized kids enjoy rules and routine and are very adaptable.

Now, I just need to figure out if we will be able to survive a flight without our beloved iPad.

Do your kids spend a lot of time with the iPad?  Does it seem to be habit forming?  Have you noticed how easily kids adapt to these types of changes?

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