Eva Mendes Claims Sweatpants Ruin Marriages. I Disagree.

Eva Mendes Claims Sweatpants Ruin Marriages.  I Disagree.
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According to The New York Daily News, actress Eva Mendes claims sweatpants are the cause of divorce.

“You can’t do sweatpants…ladies, number one cause of divorce in America. Sweatpants, no!” The never-married Mendes said.

I disagree with this statement in a big way.  I cannot imagine a life where my partner never sees me in sweatpants.  How is that even possible? Unless maybe she sees her boyfriend  (Ryan Gosling) only once a week – I can understand, otherwise it seems impossible.

Isn’t marriage for better and worse?

Isn’t marriage one where you know your partner more than you know yourself?

Isn’t marriage one where there are no secrets?

Isn’t a marriage based on comfort?”

Found at ae.com

Found at ae.com

Do you think sweatpants lead to divorce?  Or do you dress up daily for your man?  

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