Donna Day 2015: Please Donate to End Pediatric Cancer

Donna Day 2015: Please Donate to End Pediatric Cancer

For those of you that are long time readers, you know about Donna.  I write about Donna at least once a year, but I think about her very often.

I spent some time looking through photos of my friend Sheila’s daughter Donna and thought about what I wanted to tell you about this beautiful big sister and ballerina.


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This is one of those times, when pictures speak way louder than any words I can write here.  Please donate to support pediatric cancer research.  Nobody should have to say goodbye to a child.


To honor Donna and the thousands of other children diagnosed with pediatric cancer every year, please donate to St. Baldrick’s Donna’s Good Things Campaign. 

Every dollar will make a difference.  (Donate here now.) 

To learn more about Donna, you may want to read Donna Day 2013 and Donna Day 2014. 

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