What I am Reading: Understand Your Child's Sensory Signals

What I am Reading: Understand Your Child's Sensory Signals

I am beginning on the journey of learning about sensory disorders.  This book, Understanding Your Child’s Sensory Signals by Angie Voss, is an easy to read look at different sensory signals and the offers ideas to help.

There are over 200 issues mentioned, some more severe than others.  Here are just a few:

Loves Rain Boots or Cowboy Boots

Does Not Like Water in Ears

Loves Gathering or Collecting Options

Smells Own Hair and Others’ Hair

Thumb Sucking

Falls Out of Chairs Frequently

Dislikes Lotion or Sunscreen

Of course, like many things there is a wide spectrum with sensory disorders.  When I look at this list, I wonder if we all have some sort of sensory issues (I know I relate to many of these.)

What I am learning is that some of us can control our disorders and others need help in managing them.


Do you have any experience or advice about sensory disorders?  What are you reading these days? 

A few other book suggestions if you are in a reading mood: Crazy, Sexy, DietEleanor & Park and Me Before You.

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