Yoga Teacher Training: Is it the right decision?

Yoga Teacher Training: Is it the right decision?

I get asked all the time about yoga teacher training.  For me, it was one of the best decisions of my life.  For others, it is a big commitment and a challenge to fit into a busy schedule.  Serena is a ChicagoNow writer that recently began her teacher training.  I asked her to share her story with you. 

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I’ve heard of yoga. I’ve wanted to try it. Most people are surprised when I tell them I haven’t. Especially being Indian (from India, just to clarify. I also don’t like spicy food, which is a story for another day.) Yoga has been on my “list” of “want to do” for many years and not something I have been able to get to. I’ve heard of its benefits, physical, mental, emotional, overall, holistic awesomeness. For me; however, the connection was more about getting back in touch with a part of my own roots (which surprisingly I discovered that Yoga is not from India). Learning about Yoga and “doing” Yoga was more about re-connecting with some piece of my culture, because there’s a lot of Indian in Yoga. Or so I thought.

So something happened in the summer last year. I found myself researching yoga centers around the university I work at. On a whim, nothing serious. I mean who has the time? And physically, I am not flexible enough to touch my toes, let alone do half those poses. Next thing I know I’m meeting the owner and one of the instructors of the Certification Course in Hatha Yoga at Reflections Yoga Center. Not a class. This is a course. 200 hours. To really learn it and be able to teach it.

If I’m going to “do” yoga, I want to learn it the way it’s meant to be learned. I mean, there’s always more than meets the eye, right? Even beauty goes beyond the surface.  In the course of the hour of answering questions and learning more about the certification and sharing what I hoped to get, I also shared that I was traveling to a couple ashrams in India in December and that I wanted to get some foundation before going. I’m not an impulsive person. I know how psychology works. ( I have a doctorate in clinical psychology). Yet something else was happening here.

Then classes began and here I am. In a class with nine other students, all whom have taken many yoga classes and know the poses, the names, the background. And me; the only student who needed an explanation for each pose, who needed a sequencing of where to put what and a description of what the pose meant or intended to mean, as I did not have the experience or knowledge the others did.

At the same time, I discovered that much of what I practice reflects “yoga” philosophy. Hmmm, well, perhaps I’m on the right path.

Are you considering a yoga teacher training?  Have you done one before?  Was it the right decision? 

Serena Wadhwa, Psy.D., LCPC, CADC, is an assistant professor/program coordinator at Governors State University. She provides individual therapy at the Alexian Brothers Outpatient Group Practice. Dr. Wadhwa works in a variety of roles as a consultant, creator, presenter, trainer, lecturer, and author. She is currently on a different path and is working on figuring that out. Yoga, writing, comedy, and the extraordinary are definite parts. And ashrams. Well maybe just a couple more of those.

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