Travel to the same place or try something new

Travel to the same place or try something new

Did you travel ever the holidays?  I love to get away, yet am most comfortable at home.

I realize that travel is an expense that everyone cannot handle.  In our family, we sacrifice other luxuries in exchange for the gift of traveling.  There is so much joy, learning and bonding that happens while away with loved ones.

There are two approaches to traveling.

1. Travel to some place new each time.  This way you are able to see another party of the world and experience something new each time.

2. Travel to the same place each year.  This creates routine and familiarity.

I see the benefits of each, but at this point in my life and for my children I believe I would choose #2 because it eliminates stress, but #1 is a great way to teach spontaneity.

What would you choose if you have the privilege of traveling yearly?  

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