Swastikas in the bathroom at my son's school

Swastikas in the bathroom at my son's school

I woke up this morning to a note on a private message board for my son’s school.

“…my 5th grader came home today and shared something that is pretty scary to me and I wanted to see if anyone knows anything more.  He claims someone drew swastikas in one of the bathrooms at the school.  He claims police came and took pics as evidence.”

Immediately my stomach hurt.  Instinctively, I asked my son if he knew about this.

Of course he asked, “What’s a swastika?”

“Go ask Dad I quickly replied.”

My husband explained that it is a symbol associated with Hitler (who he already knows about).  Is that the right way to explain it?  In retrospect I am wondering if I even should have brought it up to my nervous third grader.  He worries a lot and I hope this hasn’t caused him added stress.

There was no notification from the principal and I am stuck wondering why someone would do this.

How would you handle this situation?  

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