My kids sleep in my bed: Why is that so horrible?

My kids sleep in my bed: Why is that so horrible?

I am sharing a secret with you today.  My kids sleep in my bed.  This is something I don’t tell everyone because there is a lot of judgment about the family bed.

According to, sleeping in a family bed encourages independence, builds self-esteem, promotes physical and mental well being and reduces risk of stress disorders.

Many experts out there see nothing wrong with sharing a bed, as long as couples carve out intimate time for themselves. “If both parents agree on the arrangement and everyone gets enough sleep, cosleeping is absolutely fine,” says Jodi Mindell, Ph.D., a psychologist and vice chair of the board of directors for the National Sleep Foundation. “It’s a choice that families make.”

I notice how my children spend hours in their rooms trying to go to sleep and quickly fall asleep within minutes in my bed.  It is obvious it is a comfort to be close and to be honest my husband often moves the kids into their own beds once they are asleep.

As they grow older, I do wonder if this is an issue we should tackle or with age will they will decide on their own to sleep in their own beds?

Do your kids sleep in your bed?  What is your opinion on the topic?  Is co-sleeping good, bad or to each family their own?  

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