Meeting Martha Stewart on a Cold Day in Chicago

Meeting Martha Stewart on a Cold Day in Chicago

My mom invited me to an event at a fancy club off of Jackson to see Martha Stewart speak.  Then I tried to explain to my children who Martha Stewart was.  “A cook, decorator and business woman. She is a good example of working hard, despite mistakes she has made.”

“What kind of mistakes?”  My son asked.

I set myself up for that one.


She is 73 years old and looks fabulous.  She credits daily juicing for her nice hair, skin and nails.  Another fact I learned from Martha is she doesn’t eat or drink anything out of can except maybe tomato paste and she has recently found that in a tube.  I like that idea.  Nothing great can come inside a can.

She didn’t speak long, but is funny and charismatic.  The entrepreneur talked about stopping to buy polish perogis that morning  in Chicago.

Stewart softened talking about her grandchildren and shared her excitement of planning their Lego birthday in March.

We bought two books One Pot and Clean Slate: Reset your health, detox your body and feel your best and Mom already texted me that she LOVED Clean Slate.  Martha signed the books but did not personalize and the line was very much pushed ahead with a thoughtfully place desk to create space between her and me.


I’ve already made two of the recipes from her One Pot cookbook and applaud the strong woman for the empire she has created.

Are you a Martha fan? 

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