How to Stop Drinking Wine

How to Stop Drinking Wine
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Whenever I check Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom’s Google analytics results, I am always shocked to see that How to Stop Drinking Wine is always the most popular Google results that leads readers to this article about Mom Drinking.

I am very far from an expert of this topic because I LOVE to drink wine, but do have a few tips to share.

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 1. Drink tea.  Tea has many good for you qualities and will flush out your system at the same time.  Drink as many cups as you want and notice how good you start to feel.

2. Chew gum. Have you every tried to drink while chewing gum?  It is very difficult.

3. Brush your teeth.  You will be surprised that this will temporarily prevents you from wanting to drink or eat.

4.  Exercise.  Go to the gym, a class or workout at home.  You will feel the good for you endorphins that are even better than getting a wine buzz.


5.  Take a bath. Once you get in a warm bath with bubbles or scented candles you will forget about the wine.

6.  Don’t buy wine. Sounds obvious, but it is impossible to drink it if you don’t have it.

Do you have any tips to stop or at least slow down your wine consumption?  Have you tried any of the above?  

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