My phone is in a bowl of rice

My phone is in a bowl of rice
No bathroom selfies for awhile. I'm phone less.

We are on day two of quarantine.  Some virus hit my son on Sunday night and it hasn’t let up yet.  Surprisingly myself and my girl have avoided it;* there are only so many times I can sanitize the remote control.

The stir craziness set in this morning, I could not bare the thought of sitting on my butt any longer so I headed to the basement to exercise.  Oh, I forgot to mention first my daughter’s teacher called me ten minutes after I dropped her off that she forgot to bring Grandma’s Latkes to read to her class in celebration of Hanukkah.  (Side note: I really appreciate her teacher acknowledging that not everyone celebrates Christmas.)

It wouldn’t have been a big deal to drop off Grandma’s Latkes and a dreidel at school if I didn’t have to drag sickie out of the house again. My heart told me he would still be on the couch when I returned, my head just said; “What if…”

Eventually I made it to the basement ready to burn the energy of being cooped in a germ filled pen for 36 hours and then it happened.  Somehow my hand put my phone inside my water glass.  I don’t know if I’m coming down with the virus, distracted or maybe I can blame it on MS.

I ran upstairs to consult my nine year old sick, but smart son.  “Quick, put it in a bowl of rice.” he said.  (How do third graders know these things?)  Facebook confirmed that the rice trick does in fact work, but the phone needs to sit in rice for 24 HOURS!


I am the type that has a hard time keeping my phone off for a 90 minute yoga class. I depend on my phone and am honestly lost without it.

But, what could I do with a sick kid on the couch?  We did our best to pass the time while staring at the bowl of rice with my phone buried inside.

(Funny part: I wanted to take a picture of my phone in the bowl of rice, but my camera was inside that very bowl.)

It is bizarre and eye opening to be phone less.  I must admit although inconvenient, I enjoy the freedom and lack of dependence.

Maybe this no good terrible very bad day, was just a reminder to slow down, unplug and be.

*  *   *

Twenty four hours later and the phone and still will not turn on.  Now what?  Is the Apple store in my future?

*I woke up this morning with a sore throat.  Fingers crossed the bone broth helps. 

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