My kids follow the rules better than I do

As a reward for good conferences and report cards, I took my kids to see the movie Big Hero 6.  I loved that the movie had the self-proclaimed nerds and science lovers as the heroes.

Since we were pressed for time after the long line at the school book fair, I suggested we pick up sandwiches to bring in the movie for lunch.

Both kids immediately told me that it wasn’t allowed.

My son recited, “No outside food or drink allowed in the movie theater.”

My daughter said, “You will go to jail for breaking the rules.”

My thought was that I didn’t want to feed my kids (or myself) popcorn and nachos for lunch and would bring in my own healthy option.  If they sold fruit or salads at the movies, I wouldn’t bring my own food in.

Don't even ask about the sweet tarts.

Don’t even ask about the sweettarts.

They wouldn’t let me break the rules.

I did manage to sneak in a clementine!


Are your kids rule followers? 

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