Finding the inspiration to cook again

Finding the inspiration to cook again

The past week or so I’ve had a hard time encouraging myself to cook for my family.  I haven’t been in the mood for any specific types of food and tired of all my old recipes.  For inspiration, I’ve spent some time on Pinterest and hope that is what I need to get back in the kitchen.

Here are a few Meatless Monday recipes that I am considering making tonight for dinner.

Baked Broccoli Cheese Rice


The cold weather has me craving comfort food and this reminds me of a casserole my mom used to make with canned cream of mushroom soup.  This recipe is a healthier version of that guilty pleasure without any canned foods.

Spicy Curry Noodle Soup


This seems like a lot of work, but when you look at the directions in reality isn’t that difficult.

Kale & Pomegranate Salad


Pomegranates are a wonderful addition to any salad adding a sweet pop of flavor.  This beautiful salad would also be perfect to serve at the holidays.

Which should I make tonight? What are you inspired to cook these days?  Please share your recipes or ideas with me so I can get out of my rut! 

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