Cranberry, Cinnamon Candle Craft for Thanksgiving

Cranberry, Cinnamon Candle Craft for Thanksgiving

Inspired by a plain white candle and a bag of fresh cranberries, my daughter and I began to glue the fruit and cinnamon sticks to the candle.

photo 1-51

There is no right or wrong way to assemble this decorative candle. We began using Elmer’s Glue, but at the end I attached a few stubborn cranberries with super glue.

photo 2-49

It will make a perfect centerpiece when my family comes over on Thursday. (There are also cranberries all over my floor.)


Another fun craft idea is to use a dull needle with thread to make cranberry necklaces.

We are getting in the Thanksgiving spirit over here.  Are you excited for the holiday ahead? 

Also the Grinch discount expires tomorrowI survived Thanksgiving weekend, my dairy-free Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving green beans with pomegranates and almonds. 

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