Turn an old desk into a brand new desk

Turn an old desk into a brand new desk

My parents bought a bedroom set for my sister more than 30 years ago.  It had a trundle bed, a dresser with mirror and a desk.  That old desk has moved houses, but stayed with my parents.

My mom recently decided to redecorate my sister and my childhood rooms that more recently became my children’s rooms when they go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  Many texts and conversations revolved around my mom encouraging me to take the desk.  I hesitated as I am trying to minimalize too and hate to bring more stuff into my already crowded home.

After my first grade daughter decided she needed a desk and four drunk men fit it into our SUV, it made it to our garage.

photo 2-39

The next morning my daughter and I went to the hardware store to stock up on non-toxic paint, a tarp, some brushes and sandpaper.

After we put down the tarp we got to sanding.  Next we wiped down the surfaces and started painting.  I was very surprised how well-behaved and focused my six-year-old was on this project.

She proclaimed, “It is just like painting pottery, but much bigger!”

We painted one coat and then allowed the paint to dry before going back for round two.  At the end we added red paint to the drawers and touched up the turquoise.

The next day the desk was in her room and she proudly took her time setting everything in its place.

photo 2-40

I love watching my daughter sit at the same desk my sister used to do her homework at.

Even though it looks like a brand new desk!

photo 1-42

Do you have any old furniture that you can paint to make brand new?

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