Moms are talking about Goldfish Swim School

Moms are talking about Goldfish Swim School

The other night my friend, Kristin and I were texting about our over scheduled children and how to make our 3rd Graders’, and honestly our own, lives a little less stressful.

We both agreed hands down Goldfish Swim School is a keeper. This is how our conversation went.

Kristin: “The teachers are patient and engaged. We’ve never had a bad one.”

Beth: “I cannot believe how well my kids listen to their teachers and are excited for swim lessons!”

Kristin: “My four year old (she actually said her name but I am leaving that part out and adding age for effect) went from not swimming to being in an advanced class with two 8-year-olds.”

Beth: “Same thing here.  My girl learned to swim in six weeks. What level is (8-year old)?”

Kristin: “She was always a strong swimmer, but she has become even stronger, faster and her strokes are more refined in no time.”

Beth: “We sound like an advertisement!”

Kristin: “It’s easy to get to also.”

Beth: “The parking lot is everything!”

Kristin: “We love Goldfish Swim School!”

Beth: “AGREED.”

Kristin: 🙂

Beth: 🙂

Then I went to sleep smiling at my now boring “mom texts” and laughed at how happy I am to be a swim mom.

Do you love Goldfish Swim School also? Is it the quarter candy or free tattoos?  For me it is the clean changing rooms and comfortable seating area.  

More praise for Goldfish Swim School: A Different Way to Learn to Swim and All about Jump Start Clinics. 

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 Goldfish Swim School provides lessons for my children, but all opinions are my own.


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