I'm inspired by the weekend yoga retreat

I'm inspired by the weekend yoga retreat

We all are faced with many choices every day.  From little choices like what  foods we choose to put in our bodies and clothes to wear each day. Of course, there are bigger decisions involving relationships, schools, jobs, health and family.

We choose how we spend our time and money and sometimes become comfortable in the sameness.  We (or I) forget to branch out and explore new paths.  I did much of that when I signed up for my first yoga retreat and am now inspired to cook healthier, enjoy the present more and even created a new yoga music playlist last night.

At the last minute, my sister decided to join me, which was a nice surprise especially in the driving department.  We arrived to Michigan around 6:30 Friday night to a very dark, but inviting “home” for 48 hours.

Class on Friday night began soon after we arrived and started with a beautiful circle where we introduced ourselves and shared our intentions for the weekend.  We all made the choice to be there to spend our weekend together.  Throughout the weekend I reminded myself how glad I was that I made that decision.

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We practiced yoga that first night, the next morning and again in the evening and finished the retreat with a special Sunday morning class. Yoga was different than at a Chicago studio as we could focus on the scenic view of colorful nature, but also stop to ask questions and demo poses or concepts. I also enjoyed the convenience of going to my room during class if I needed to use the bathroom.

In between yoga, we ate the most delicious, healthy, vegetable rich food prepared by Melina, who not only cooked and cleaned for us, but also practiced right next to me.

We walked to the beach and around the wooded area between classes and I was treated to a wonderful massage.


But, most of all I was pleased that I made the decision to step out of the comfort of my regular weekend pattern and get away from my routine and connect with myself, my sister, my teacher and all the other kind hearted yogis around me.

My sister and I with our inspiring teacher Geri Bleier.

My sister and I with our inspiring teacher Geri Bleier.

I am grateful I made the choice and I hope to continue to make choices, that although scary or different can continue to inspire me.


Have you ever been on a yoga retreat? Do you find it hard to make choices? What inspires you these days? 

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