Do not buy your child their own pet

Do not buy your child their own pet

My sweet son has been asking for his own pet for a while.  We already have a needy dog and a fish and I repeatedly told him that I did want another animal in our house.

But, he persisted and promised he would take care of it.  I pushed it off until Friday hoping he A. forgot or B. acted bad so I could use it as a punishment.  Of course, he was angel child and obviously mentioned it every hour for the next three days.

I did set some guidelines.  No rodents or reptiles allowed in my house.  We agreed on a hermit crab after a recommendation from a cousin.

At the pet store I began to feel overwhelmed.  Besides the tank I knew we would need, we also needed thermometers, lamps, dishes, food a spray bottle and salt water.

We set it up and Superman was welcomed to our home.  It was fun to check to see if he had moved every time we walked by.

photo 3-25

I found myself checking the temperature and spraying water to up the humidity to ensure Superman was comfortable.  My son who was very eager to turn on the lamp each morning slowly forgot to fill the water and I found myself taking all responsibility for this pet that I didn’t want.

Then Superman stopped moving.

What do I do with a dead hermit crab?

Have a funeral obviously.

photo 1-44

Also, when your kid asks you for a their own pet say “NO!”

Have you allowed your child to get their own pet?  Did you end up taking care of it or does your kid take responsibility?  

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