Can Kids Bring Their Blanket To Overnight Camp?

Can Kids Bring Their Blanket To Overnight Camp?

Yesterday we took a family road trip to Wisconsin to visit an overnight camp.  Despite the fact that summer is seven months away; apparently now is the time to investigate and sign up for next summer.

Luckily we had a beautiful fall day and enjoyed walking on top of the crunching leaves as we toured the cabins and lakefront.

My son did not leave the Executive Director’s side as he bounced in anticipation asking question after question.  After we visited the dining hall and neared the end of our walk, my son turned to me with wide eyes and asked, “So, can I go?”

Despite the fact that I am terrified to let my son go, how can I not allow him the opportunity to sail, water ski, play archery, live in bunks and make friendships unlike any others?

On the car ride home, my husband brought up the fact that “Blank” could not come.  Blank has been my son’s blanket since he was born and he has slept with “him” every night (minus one long night I forgot to pack it for a sleepover).  He loves his yellow comfort item.

“Then I’m not going.” My eight-year-old matter of factly replied.

Blank in colder weather.

Blank in colder weather.

In my mind, he can bring Blank and discreetly keep him in his bed and sleep with him.  It isn’t like he will be walking around camp like Linus.


But, my husband, who was an eight-year-old boy once, disagrees and is sure he will get made fun of.

We save $100 if we sign up for camp this week, but I am not sure what to do.

Can a third grade boy bring his blanket to camp or do you think I should use the next seven months to wean him off? 

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