My journey through the labyrinth

My journey through the labyrinth

Last night instead of sitting on my couch in front of my computer, I was slowing walking through a labyrinth.

To celebrate the Fall Equinox, New Moon and Jewish New Year, I gathered behind a church in Deerfield with my mom, sister, two friends and our spiritual advisor, Laura.

Before we began we sat on blankets and removed all the negativity with a sage ceremony.  Next, Laura led us through a short reading where we turned to face each direction and spoke to the spirits.  Laura then explained to move slowly through the labyrinth (“like a bride taking it all in,” she said) and reflect and remember.

It would have been easy to show up at the labyrinth and walk through it and get in our cars and go home.  But, as we were instructed to set an intention and move deliberately it was incredible to watch a circle of rocks turn into something more.

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As I silently watched others I love move through in rhythm with me, I reached the center and sat in the rocks for a while feeling really comfortable staying there.  There was nowhere for me to be, nothing for me to do, but sit there amongst my family without needing to say a word.

Eventually, I decided to stand up and head out leaving the negative behind.  Ironically, I could not get out of the maze.  One by one I watched my loved ones leave and each turn led me around the circle again.  I began to feel like I was part of this song.

We finished by meeting in the middle and writing an intention on a piece of fly paper and lighting them on fire.  By now it was dark and the paper and our hopes were burned and flew away.

It was emotional, unusual and healing.

Have you ever walked through a labyrinth?  Would you be interested in trying?  Are you experiencing any form of rebirth this time of year?  Please share, I love to hear from you!

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