Multiple Sclerosis: Two Years Later

Multiple Sclerosis: Two Years Later

Two years ago today I woke up with a numb hand and a limp.  That morning began a scary, intense and empowering journey. With my diagnosis life has changed and is not as simple as it once was.

With that said, I strongly believe there is a reason I was given this chronic disease.  All summer I’ve poured my heart into working hard on a project to create awareness, information and community for those affected by MS. I cannot wait to reveal the finished product very soon.

In honor of my two-year anniversary, I thought it would be interesting and educational to share some of my MS posts with you.

How I ended up in this hospital bed

 Mama, are you going to die?

Beginning Gilenya.

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Moms with MS open up about the invisible disease

Interview with Marlo Donato Love, Author of Awkward Bitch

One year ago I was diagnosed with MS

MS and MRI’s: When does it become normal? 

MS and MRI’s: The Results

We walked for MS 

Moving forward.

Moving forward.

I’m beginning year three on a high note by doing my best to eat clean, exercise, be kind and breathe.  That plus a cocktail of meds are helping me to feel excited about the future.

If you have MS and are interested in being a part of my new multiple sclerosis related project, please comment below and I will get in touch with you.

This community we have here is special, and today I celebrate you.  Your feedback, likes, and support keep me moving forward.

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