Kathryn Budig Graces Yoga Journal Cover

Kathryn Budig Graces Yoga Journal Cover
I let out a little scream when this month’s Yoga Journal appeared in my mailbox.  The cover displays the confident, radiant and strong Kathryn Budig.  I follow the yogi, author and philanthropist on Instagram and am inspired by her realness, honesty and kindness.
I jumped at the opportunity to interview the soon to be married Kathryn.  She is even sweeter and more open than I imagined.
How did you originally get interested in yoga? 
“I was attending the University of Virginia when one of my musical theatre friends told me I had to try this thing called ‘yoga’. I had dabbled in a few classes here and there, but it wasn’t until she took me to a proper ashtanga studio that I fell in love. My teacher, Jennifer Elliott, was an absolute vision. I wanted to exude the beauty and strength she had. By the time I graduated I was hooked. I moved to Los Angeles and started my TT with Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty 3 days after I unpacked!”
What is an average day like for you?
“I wish I could say! I’m rarely home for more than a week at a time, but when I am I try to create a routine. I take a 7am interval workout with my fiancé, come home and make breakfast and hang with our dogs. I’m in the middle of writing my second book, Aim True, so I’m glued to my computer more than I’d like to be. I do a short home practice or try to pop into a local studio and always cook at night. I normally curl up to an amazing fiction novel, but with all the book writing I’ve been enjoying TV shows like Ray Donovan with my man!”
How do you continue to love your body despite media pressure to look a specific way? 
“It’s a bizarre challenge, honestly. I feel great in my body. I like the way clothes fit me, and have a doting fiancé who’d think I look smoking in a paper bag. It isn’t until I’m in front of the camera that issues and pressure come up. I see people in the fitness world constantly praised for their amazing, fit bodies. I’m disciplined, work hard and eat well, but don’t fear drinking wine or ordering pasta. I consider myself to be stronger than your average person, but don’t have the ripped body type to accompany what the media sees as ‘fit’. I’m constantly told I’m curvy and normal (maybe not the most uplifting comments), but I’d rather have the body I’m in and inspire people to realize fitness isn’t a look, it’s a lifestyle, a choice and the way you feel.”
She is going to be the most beautiful bride. You must follow Kathryn on Instagram and go buy October’s Yoga Journal.

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(Top cover photo from Yoga Journal.  Remaining photos courtesy of Kathryn Budig.)

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