Top 10 reasons it's good my husband is out of town

Top 10 reasons it's good my husband is out of town
Frozen yogurt for dinner. (hair brushing not required )

My husband’s job has required him to travel very frequently lately.  The change has caused a major shift for both of us.  This new path is an awesome opportunity, but also long hard work hours, solo parenting and only being able to watch Orange is the New Black together on the weekends instead of every night.

Since I am an optimist, I’ve decided to point out the top ten reasons why him being gone is a good thing.

10. No need to prepare a beautiful balanced meal every night, the kids and I enjoy frozen yogurt for dinner.

9. Showering, contact lenses and makeup is optional.

8. The dishes can stay in the sink, until we are out of clean forks.

7. I am in my pajamas by 5:00 p.m. daily.

6. Feeling empowered when fixing the car or dealing with flooding without the man of the house to depend on.

5. Can put garlic on my pimple without offending anyone with my Italian restaurant scent.

4. Wine, cookies and Sex and the City in bed.

3. More covers for me.

2. The kids and I are taking care of each other (“while Dad who is the strongest in the family is gone.”)

1. I appreciate him so much more when he is home.

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