The book I am reading that I cannot put down

The book I am reading that I cannot put down

A couple weeks ago my Mom texted me.

“I read a good book over the weekend; Me Before You.”

“I’ll look for it.” I responded

“Just a suggestion since you may have free time with hubby traveling.”  Yes, my Mom said “hubby.”

Moms are always right.  A few days later, I didn’t know what to do with myself so I went on Amazon and ordered the book.

(Side note: The last book I read on my iPad.  I loved Jennifer Weiner’s newest book, but did not enjoy reading it in the electronic format mainly because I can’t read in the sun.)

I finally got a chance to open Jojo Mayes, Me Before You yesterday.

The past few days I’ve been sitting in the sun going deep into this beautiful story about an ordinary girl and a sick and moody boy. The two have nothing in common, yet together discover if life is worth living.

Read it – I think you will love it.

Thanks, Mom.

What are you reading these days? Do you prefer real books or the convenience of ebooks? 

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